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While we were out of town last week, our neighbors watered the plants for us, so I wanted to make them a little something to say thanks. With only 5 ingredients, and the fact that I had all of them, this recipe was the winner.

And I’m glad that I picked this one. While it’s probably not the healthiest, it’s an easy and tasty treat.

*N. Approved*
*Co-worker Approved*

Original source:
Difficulty (1-5): 2 – few ingredients, little effort, but you need to work quickly
Result (1-5): 5 – delicious!


P.S. Please ignore that I forgot to take a picture and was too lazy to take them back out of the  bag to do so! 🙂


Man, I love peanut butter. In or on just about everything. When I was a kid, I used to eat bacon and peanut butter sandwiches on BLT night. I haven’t had one of those in a long time, but I’m sure it’s just as glorious as I remember. Lately I’ve been eating PB & celery as a snack, but it’s been getting old.

So this week I tried this dip recipe I pinned. It’s obviously super easy to make and cuts the PB with good-for-you non-fat vanilla greek yogurt. It.was.amazing. Not too sweet, very creamy. I portioned out a little dip for myself and ate it with apple slices. I decided that it would make a great party dip, possibly with apples or…wait for it…chocolate graham sticks.

Original source: Real Mom Kitchen
Difficulty (1-5): 1
Result (1-5): 5


Oh yes, people. A chip that promises to be both healthy and delicious. To be honest, I don’t think I’d ever had kale until today. In fact, I think I thought it was a type of seaweed before reading more about it. I recognized its ruffly leaves as a common decoration on party platters. But if it hadn’t been for this pin, I wouldn’t have had a clue what to do with it. I have since read that it’s great to puree and mix into baby food since it’s so nutritious (must try).

So today was the big day. I bought kale during my last trip to the grocery store and decided to give the recipe a try. My husband was less than excited when I announced what I was making for our afternoon snack. The recipe was super easy. It would be easy to over-coat the kale with EVOO, so watch yourself if you are like me and prefer not to go to the trouble of measuring. I just used a seasoning I had in my cabinet, which was Mrs. Dash Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend. Salt-free is nice and healthy and all, but I love salt, so I added just a little. Bake for 20 min. as instructed and you get some very crispy little chips.

I thought these were awesome, and I plan to make them for a little gathering I’m hosting next week. Crispy and tasty, with a little kick. Even my skeptical husband thought they were really good. So there you have it — kale chips are a thumb’s up.

Now might be a good time to mention photography on this blog. While some of the contributors are very talented photographers, I am not. I don’t attend blogging conferences and I have never taken a class on how to take photos for a blog. So keep your expectations low and you won’t be disappointed.

Original source: a Couple Cooks
Difficulty (1-5): 1
Result (1-5): 5



I pin a lot of stuff. A LOT. It’s addicting. And like most people, I pin way more things than I attempt to actually make. But a recent life change — becoming a stay-at-home mom — has motivated me to not only try many of the recipes I’ve pinned, but also save some money by making things like a mobile for our nursery. It’s been fun to compare notes with friends to find out what’s worth my time and what’s not. That brings us to PINspotting. A place for my friends and I to share reviews on pins we’ve actually attempted, including tips for improving upon the original ideas.

Feel free to pin our reviews of pins so you know which pins you pinned were worth pinning. 😉