You’ve seen those posts for easy sidewalk paint, right?

1:1 flour or cornstarch to water with a little food coloring added in.

Easy peasy. We did this for my 3 year old’s birthday party. Set up an old door and let the kids have at it. Consistency was great and it washed off them no problem.

On June 28, we wrote a message at the bottom of our driveway for birthday guests. I figured the rain would wash it away within a week or so.  Then it didn’t rain again for over a month. Seriously. We’re in a drought and the main river in my state is dry. Like cracking mud dry. Being eco/lazy we don’t water our lawn/driveway and the message remained in place.

I basically baked a paste onto our driveway in 100+ degree heat for over a month. When it did rain, all that was erased was the food dye. This is how it looked last night:

We made a fun game out of scrubbing it away with dishsoap and a hard bristle scrubber. Then it looked like this:

Just a tad lighter, but that could just be the waning evening light. And I’m far to lazy/don’t care what the neighbors think to put any more effort into it. I’m sure we’ll get a blizzard this winter and the combo of sand/shovel/elements will wear it away. I’ll keep you posted in the spring 🙂

Original source: Digthischick
Difficulty (1-5): Wait, which is low? It was super easy. So a 1 or 5 if I could remember which scale we’re using.
Result (1-5): Tops for the day of the party; Bottoms for my laziness