It’s a simple recipe.  How could it possibly work?  A friend of mine suggested that I try this homemade bath tub cleaner. She said it rocked her world.  As a homeowner of a 1950’s chateau, my bathtub has seen better days.   Iron rings and scum rings had infested my home and I had high hopes that this simple cleaner would save the day.  Being a teacher, I have the summers off, so I jumped at the chance to clean my tub.  Yes, I literally jumped up to go clean. Ok, this is a rarity for me to get excited to clean my tub, but I did just that.   A rave such as my friend’s, I was sure this would rock my world.

The instructions were very simple.  Take 1 cup of vinegar and heat it in the microwave.  Mix in 1 cup of dawn (any dishwashing soap will work as I used Ajax) and put in the spray bottle.   Spray on your tub and let sit for a half an hour.  After the elapsed time, simply wipe the grime away to a sparkling tub.

My results were just as what was pitched on pinterest.  My tub was visibly cleaner and I didn’t have to scrub at all.  The iron stains were lessened but not completely removed.  But my scum ring was washed down the drain.  It was amazing.  I was so excited I had to send a picture text to my husband.

Overall, I would recommend this pin.  It really did live up to the claims.  In fact, I have since bought a spray bottle to be designated to this new wonder cleaner.  It now has a new home under my sink and is going to be taken out to visit the tub once a week.

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Difficulty (1-5): 1
Result (1-5): 5