I have an obsession with dipping things in chocolate. If there is anyone at work who doesn’t know me by name, I’m probably “that girl who brings in chocolate dipped treats.” I especially love making treats on a stick.

So how genius are s’mores on a stick? I was inspired by this pin. I decided to make them for a play date with the thought that kids would go nuts over something like this.

I altered the recipe in the following ways:

  • I used Wilton chocolate melts instead of Nutella
  • I dipped the entire marshmallow in the chocolate because, well, the more chocolate the merrier!
  • I used lollipop sticks instead of the wooden popsicle variety

Tip: to make sure your marshmallow stays attached to the stick when you dip, first dip the tip of the stick into the chocolate, then spear the marshmallow. Pop into the fridge until the chocolate hardens, then proceed with dipping. Then sprinkle the bottom half of the dipped marshmallow with the crumbs and place on a parchment paper or waxed paper lined cookie sheet. Pop in the fridge to harden.

I made my own graham cracker crumbs by throwing a few crackers into a food processor, but you can also buy them. You don’t need many crumbs, though. I think two full crackers was plenty.

They were a hit at home and at the play date. My friend Sunny recently made them for her daughter’s baptism lunch. Instead of dipping the entire marshmallow into the chocolate, she half dipped, then toasted the tops of the marshmallows with a mini blow torch. Awesome!

Now, the point of the original recipe was that it would take 2 minutes to prepare. My version definitely takes longer. But it’s still pretty easy.

Original source: Skimbaco Lifestyle
Difficulty (1-5): 2 if you haven’t mastered dipping
Result (1-5): 5