I saw the pin for Skinny Pool-Side Dip and honestly pinned it just because it said “skinny” and I’m a sucker for the so-called “guilt free” recipes.

Both times I’ve made this dip, I’ve halved the recipe as the original calls for 16 oz of cream cheese (two packages) and I rarely need that much dip. The first time I made it, as pictured above, I ran to a very small local grocery that did not have fat-free cream cheese that the original recipe called for so I subbed in low-fat cream cheese instead. It was a hit at book club.

The second time I made the dip, I used fat-free cream cheese as prescribed. I won’t make that mistake again. The dip was very runny as, for whatever reason, the fat-free product never seemed to re-solidify after being softened to make the dip.

I did encounter friends who don’t like olives, so I might substitute black beans to give it a more southwestern flavor when entertaining certain company and retain the same color profile.

Overall I loved the dip, loved that it is at least somewhat guilt-free, and found it simple to make.

Original source: Home Trends Utah
Difficulty (1-5): 1, unless you have hesitations around jalapeno peppers
Result (1-5): 4, only because some people aren’t crazy about olives