For some reason, whenever I need to bring a dessert (or pretty much any food item) to an event, I feel like it has to be extra special.  The plain simply will not do.  That’s where these brownies come in.

Yes, your standard, out-of-a-box brownie is tasty on a Tuesday night when you just want to eat the whole pan instead of going to the gym.  But when you’re bringing a dessert to an event where everyone is going to be dressed to the nines, you want to make something that fits the occasion.

The pin I originally followed was to here: , but I wasn’t going for “healthy” brownies, so I followed her link to this post:, and that is what I was looking for.

I opted to use frozen raspberries (organic), and used Cointreau, because that was the only liqueur I had on hand (I know, it is a travesty that I’m from Wisconsin and don’t own any brandy).

I also chose to melt the chocolate and butter in the microwave.  Who has time for a double boiler?
Difficulty 1-5: 2

Results 1-5:  4.5 (even my picky mother-in law enjoyed them)