With all the pumpkin recipes flying around Pinterest I decided Jr and I needed to use up the can of pumpkin I had on my shelf. There seem to be two main recipes out there for pumpkin cookies. One had an entire stick of crisco plus a cup of butter. The other only had one cup of butter so I went with that one.
The cookies were really just okay. The actual recipe was super easy and didn’t have too many ingredients.They turned out cake like. I smooshed them a bit with a fork so they’d be easier to frost later. They just weren’t very flavorful.
I had Carmel cream cheese frosting in the freezer from a previous recipe.. This paired with the cookies turned out amazing. The hubs got home and immediately ate like 5.
Cookies – Difficulty -2, there was sifting involved. Results – on their own – 2, with the frosting – 5.
Frosting – difficulty 5, wow was that a pain in the butt, results – 5.