I like

to think of myself as an equal opportunity pinner. I pin D I Y stuff but Ii pin a lot of recipes too. I probably try more recipes then I do DIY stuff but I probably do more pins than most people too.
When I saw on the pin about placing a shelf above your washer and dryer I thought it was pretty much genius. I also knew it was a easy cheap fix for me always laying across our washer and dryer trying to prevent housefires from all the clothes and and miscellaneous crap that falls behind there. The hubs was pretty happy that this project was going to be easy for him too. Frankly, I probably could have done it myself but I do enough already right?! We picked up the laminate board at Menard’s for about four dollars I think and three cheap L brackets that matched for about $.89 each so all in all a very cheap fix. It took the hubs about 10 minutes to install the board which involved measuring, cutting the board and screwing it in. Now we have a nice looking shelf and I have not had to climb on the washer and dryer for about a month Hooray!
Difficulty – 2 there was a level and power tools involved
Results – 5, effective and easy