You know I love pinterest for quirky things like being able search
“Desserts” and you find a page of amazing things. This past weekend we had a game night Mexican style and I was looking for quick and easy dessert to be served after build your quesadillas. I literally searched Mexican dessert and came up with sopapilla cheesecake pie. I looked at the directions it looked easy considering I had about 10 minutes to make it before people would be coming over I decided these were the way to go. The recipe basically consisted of sugar, cinnamon some butter, cream cheese and refrigerated crescent rolls. I used to reduced fat crescent rolls and fat-free cream cheese and this did not seem to affect the recipe. The baking time was perfect, the only issue I had was that the recipe said to wait until the sopapillas were completely cooled before serving. they looked way too good warm to serve cold. They were a little runny when we served them warm but not bad at all. They tasted really good and it we spent about five minutes trying to figure out what did they specifically taste like, they tasted like something we had all had before. Then we figured out they tasted just like cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting. like exactly. I would make the recipe again because it was very easy and the results were really good.
The one drawback about this recipe is that it did call for a stick of butter for the topping and quite a bit of sugar but this is for dessert so who cares right? I might actually cut back on some of the butter if I were to make this again because the butter on top of the crescent rolls not only looked a bit unappetizing until it settled in, I felt it was a little heavy from all that butter. I might cut it down to 3/4 cup and see how it comes out. I think the crust would be flakier and less dense.
Difficulty -1 this was really easy
Results – 4 it could’ve been prettier but it tasted pretty darn good