If you have kids and you celebrate Easter and you want to have a little bit more fun on Easter morning before/after church, this is perfect.  It’s obviously not something you can screw up, unless your toddler doesn’t buy into it.  Then, well, you’re out of luck.

My son was just over 3 when he and I planted jelly beans in the garden last year.  I put on a big show about it and let him know that magical jelly beans can only be planted the night before Easter and that when we got home from church the next morning the jelly beans would have grown.  His little mind raced with what they could possibly grow into.  The next morning, I popped the big colorful lollipop in the ground, diverted his attention until after church and then watched his little face light up as he ran to the garden when we got home.  So basically, if you can handle straying from the real reason of Easter, this is well worth it.  I’m hoping he will buy into it this year too. 🙂

Original Source:  http://cjaneblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/cutest-easter-tradition.html

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