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Ok, so I didn’t follow the pin instructions at all, but rather used the end product as my inspiration. Here is how she did it:

Here’s what I did:

1. Buy giant white gourds

2. Make a ring with blue painters’ tape, sticky side up

3. Break peeled crayons in half and arrange on tape

4. Using embossing heat tool (gets hotter than blow dryer), melt crayons




Difficulty (1-5): 2–pretty easy craft project, just a little messy
Result (1-5): 4–the first one is a little ugly because I didn’t get the tape covered well enough



I pin a lot of stuff. A LOT. It’s addicting. And like most people, I pin way more things than I attempt to actually make. But a recent life change — becoming a stay-at-home mom — has motivated me to not only try many of the recipes I’ve pinned, but also save some money by making things like a mobile for our nursery. It’s been fun to compare notes with friends to find out what’s worth my time and what’s not. That brings us to PINspotting. A place for my friends and I to share reviews on pins we’ve actually attempted, including tips for improving upon the original ideas.

Feel free to pin our reviews of pins so you know which pins you pinned were worth pinning. 😉